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USDT new topup method
USDT Topup step 1 and 2


Click “Me”. 


Click “Recharge / Withdraw”.

USDT Topup step 3


Click “Switch to USD Currency”. 

(If it's already in USD, there's no need to exchange.) 

USDT Topup step 4


Click “USDT Recharge”.

USDT Topup step 5 and 6


Enter “Top Up Amount”. 


Click “Next”

USDT Topup step 7 to 10


Select “Same Payment Zone Network”. 


Copy “Amount Button”. 


Use “Virtual Currency Platform to Scan QR Code”. 


Copy “USDT Address Button”.

*Customers can choose to use scan QR code or copy the USDT address to transfer to the virtual platform.
*A new address is generated for each recharge round. 

USDT Topup step 11 and 12


Actual “Top Up Amount”. 


 Actual “Received Amount”

Unlock Seamless Withdrawals and Enjoy Numerous Benefits with USDT at Winbox Casino

Welcome to Winbox Casino, where we’re constantly working to improve your gaming experience. We're thrilled to introduce a new, convenient, and secure method for withdrawing your winnings – USDT (Tether), a stablecoin linked to the US Dollar. Discover the benefits of using USDT for both withdrawals and deposits below.

Why Choose USDT for Withdrawals at Winbox Casino?

1. Fast Transactions:

- Forget about long waiting times! With USDT, you can withdraw your winnings instantly. The blockchain technology behind Tether ensures quick and efficient transactions, giving you immediate access to your funds.

2. Enhanced Security:
- We prioritize your financial security. USDT leverages the decentralized and cryptographic features of blockchain, offering an extra layer of protection for your withdrawals. You can be confident that your transactions are secure and tamper-proof.

3. Lower Transaction Fees:
- Benefit from lower withdrawal costs with USDT. Unlike traditional banking methods that come with high fees, Tether allows you to minimize transaction expenses, ensuring you keep more of your winnings.

The Benefits of Using USDT for Deposits at Winbox:

1. Stability in Fluctuating Markets:
- Tether’s value is anchored to the US Dollar, providing stability in the often volatile cryptocurrency market. Deposit with peace of mind, knowing that the value of your USDT remains stable, protecting you from the fluctuations of other cryptocurrencies.

2. Privacy and Anonymity:
- USDT transactions offer a degree of anonymity and privacy that traditional banking methods may lack. Enjoy discreet and confidential transactions, giving you peace of mind as you play your favorite casino games.

3. Global Accessibility:
- USDT is widely recognized, making it an excellent choice for international players. Avoid the hassle of currency conversion and enjoy a seamless deposit experience, no matter where you are.

Experience unparalleled convenience and security at Winbox Casino by choosing USDT for your withdrawals and deposits. Embrace the future of online gaming with instant transactions, lower fees, and the stability of a USD-backed cryptocurrency. Start playing and winning today!

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