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We are Winbox, market leaders in the gambling and financial trading industries in Malaysia.

Leaders in next generation technology and content; regulated markets and responsible gambling.
Pioneers of Omni-channel gambling offering seamless, anytime, anywhere gameplay; of the ultimate gaming experience; and the best-performing content.
Innovators in games design; software and services; and data-driven optimisation.
We deliver the complete solution and game changing results for the world’s biggest brands.
Winbox Big Data Analysis
With the professional and exclusive big data analysis system developed by Winbox Global, we regularly track and accurately analyze market trends and further understand players’ behaviors comprehensively. By enhancing our gaming solutions, we cultivates high market loyalty and satisfaction.Futhermore, we provide clients with safe and reliable API integration services to match all platforms seamlessly. Clients’ are able to seize all possible business opportunities right away.
Winbox Secure Safe Gaming Commitment

Terms and Conditions

We want safe and responsible gambling to be the norm. Trust in our industry has declined and we are perceived as falling short of society’s expectations. We are determined to address this. We will examine our own conduct and values and consider what we can do to encourage a more responsible safer gambling culture in society as a whole. And do protect our clients' private policy.
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